Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ladies Night Love + Yasso 800s

Alright just wanted to clarify a few things about my previous car post:

1)  I don't have a personal "banker."  Apparently my wording was incorrect.  Yes, Kovas, I have a driver, but he was off for the day, so he didn't have to take me to the bank. :p  But honestly, if I did have a driver I'd be the happiest chica in the world.  I loathe driving.  (But I do like it more and more in my sweet new car....obvs.)

2)  No my banker didn't come car shopping with me.  Hah.  And no my dad isn't my banker (although I sure wish he was!)  Why oh why couldn't I have been a trust fund baby?  Some people have all the luck. :)

Moving right along.  Tuesday I had a date with the track.  I <3 track.  Aaron offered to meet me at the track to gawk at me while I was running keep me company.  And it's a good thing that he did.  I had to work late, and ended up running 3/4 of the workout in the dark-dark.  It would've been super scary to do solo.  When I got to the track there were little munchkins having football practice.  Now I tend to make fun of soccer moms (in a good hearted sort of way, of course) but I will totally be *that* mom at my kid's football practices.  Almost makes me want to reproduce.  No wait.  It doesn't.  

There were also a couple of semi-attractive guys on the track when I got there.  All of my friends have been pushing me to date a runner so I'm constantly on the look out just to see if there are any cute ones out there (not that I'm in the market, just for research sake, mind you).  For some reason, I'm just usually not attracted to skinny runner boys.  Maybe it's just because I don't want to date a boy who could beat me in a foot race... that's probably it.  :)  Speaking of, there was one cute one on the trails on Monday, so I suppose now I can take my eyes off of high alert for the next 6 months. ;)

I had 6 x 800 in 3:28-3:38 on the schedule.  For some reason I had 800 m. cool down jogs in between each 800, but I like to do closer to a 1/4 of a mile, so I changed that up real quick. :)  I did my warm up mile and I was off.

3:34 (7:08 pace)
3:41 (7:22 pace)
3:37 (7:14 pace)
3:31 (7:02 pace)
3:34 (7:08 pace)
3:31 (7:02 pace)

(I did my recovery laps slightly faster than the 800 pace, so I suppose we could technically call these Yassos).

It was so nice having Aaron along for the ride (literally he was biking laps with me at times) not only to make it a much safer run, but it was nice to have someone to babble to during my recovery laps.  I was pretty stoked with my times as well.  They were hard, but not impossible.  I definitely think I'll continue with Yassos for my MARATHON schedule.  After doing the last one in 3:31 (which felt really freaking HARD at that point) I pondered how I ever ran an 800 in 2:39.  Seriously, that seems barfiliciously fast.  Oh... it probably was... which is why I quit racing 800's in 8th grade. :p

And now to leave you with some adorable pictures of me and one of my favorite people slash life partner :p Jenn.
Drink in a pineapple?  Why not.

We tend to look even cuter when together. Yeah, I didn't realize it was possible either. :p

Jenn, me, and Jeff.  Runners represent!

I tend to enjoy embracing people in photos.  
Especially after a drink or two out of a pineapple.

And if your drink doesn't come in a pineapple, it's best to at least give it a pineapple topper.  


aron said...

NICE job - those are some speedy 800s!!

Evolving Through Running said...

Nice Yassos!

Now that I read that, it sounds kinda inappropriate :)

Jamie said...

Nice job on those yasso's lady!

J said...

Awesome job on the 800s!! My track coach used to bike around the track while the boys ran. He would sometimes race the boys...he would give them a head start but it was fun to watch either way!!

ilovesteaks said...

Does that mean you'll be running a 3:30 for your next marathon? :)

Quinton J said...

Yup...those yasso's were quick (gotta love running lingo). And there is really no better way to celebrate fast yasso's than pineapple drinks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Speedster - looks like Pineapple drinks are taking the place of Choc milk for "recovery" ;) heh, not a bad idea...

Adam said...

All drinks should be served in fruit - always.

"Would you like a beer adam? Naw, but i'll have a beer in a coconut!"

Anonymous said...

That drink is too cute!!

Peep my blog, you will be a happy girl :) But for the record, I sweat more than anyone!!!

Heather said...

Great job on the speedy 800's! The pineapple drink looks delicious. If you could have one waiting for me at the TC finish line, that would be great. :)