Thursday, August 5, 2010

Someone's Been Bit by the Photo Bug + Race Goals

Since I didn't have a photo yet for my Project 365, I decided to take my camera with me on my run tonight.  Grrrrreat idea, I managed to get some awesome shots as the sun was thinking about setting.  To be honest I was way more concerned with taking pictures than I was with running, so it was a pretty slow and leisurely 5 miles, but that's a-ok because I have a half marathon on Saturday!

I always wish I had a camera when I run up on this spray painted smily face on the trail.  It always makes me smile.  :)

Urban Wildland Half Marathon Goals*

Goal C
Do not have as horrible of a race as the death march of 2010.  Also, Sub 1:55.  Assuming nothing terrible happens, this should be a given.

Goal B
PR.  My current PR is 1:53:09.  Totally doable.

Goal A
Sub 1:50.  Again this is doable.  If the weather is right and I'm feeling like a B.A., this will be the goal I will line up with in mind.

*I'm not feeling creative enough to come up with a special theme for these race goals.  Perhaps these will be reserved for MARATHON!!! goals. :)  Nothing will ever top the Dinosaur-themed goals, however.

I think my race strategy will be to split up the race into 4 sections and try to run it with negative splits (per usual).  I'm thinking 8:45, 8:35, 8:25, 8:15.  Should equate to a PR.  I did get an email today from the race director with "hot weather racing safety instructions."  Dude, this'll feel like running in Antarctica compared to the last 1/2 I did.  :p  I'm super excited to meet up with Alyssa and tear up the town afterward.  Look out TC I'm coming for you!  PR or puke.  Heh.

Randomly funny note worth mentioning:  I have "liked" Dallas White Rock Marathon on Facebook.  Today they posted some of their favorite photos from the race last December.  Of course I flicked through them to see if there would be any of yours truly (there wasn't).  I was shocked at how many of the photos had runners in sweats/pants/long sleeved shirts/hats/gloves!!!!!!  Please just glance (or scroll) to the sidebar here for my photo where I'm wearing my usually green tank and shorts.....and am soaked with sweat.  Unreal.  Crazy Texans. ;)

I <3 me a good bridge.

This bridge is a personal fave.

Gotta admit that SoDak does give some killer sunsets.

I'd be willing to bet that the extreme humidity is the magic behind it's beauty. 
It'd better be good for something.


Jamie said...

I remember when I ran Dallas White Rock a few years ago and was in awe of the number of runners wearing everything you mentioned! I was in shorts/tshirt and gloves only because the temp dropped during the race.

Great pics! And good luck with weekend at the half! If the weather holds out and isn't drown you humid or suffocating hot you will be golden!

Julie said...

Hi Jeri,
Those are great photos from your run! I love the bridge too:)

We have pretty much the same half marathon goal:) I have been attempting to break my 1:54 time and run a 1:50 marathon since May....accept for the past few halfs due to my GI issues.

Good luck this weekend Jeri! Your PR will come if not this race...perhaps one in the fall when it is cooler:)

Anonymous said...

You got this!

Beautiful pictures Jeri, See you TONIGHT! whoa.

Tara said...

Great pictures!

And Texans are definitely crazy with cold weather. I have lived here for almost 7 years (originally from Iowa) and it kills me when people wear their winter coats/hats/scarfs! I break mine out randomly... but only for the rare occasion that it snows or gets REALLY cold.

I'm running White Rock this year and I promise not to be one of those bundled up runners!

Good Luck on your half~

Dwayne said...

Good luck on your HM OR attempt Saturday! I'm going for a 10k PR on Saturday and it sounds like conditions here are going to be ideal (for August). LOVE racing season!

Quinton J said...

You are BA (bring it this weekend)! Good Luck. and great photos.

Morgan said...

Love, love, love all the pics and you're totally going to be a B.A. and PR this race like a motha... Have a good weekend chica!

aron said...

good luck this weekend!!! i hope the weather and all those things line up so you can smoke that PR :)

Glenn Jones said...

Wow! That is a beautiful sunset photo! Love it! Good luck this weekend. I hope the weather holds out and the humidity is bearable. I don't know *how* you guys do it....

Steel Springs said...

Wonderful photos! Good luck this weekend!