Thursday, July 28, 2011

6 days a week?

For the last few years, I've been a pretty consistent 4-5 days of the week runner.  I enjoy having at least two full rest days, and I prefer that sort of flexibility with my schedule to accommodate life.  I only started adding the 5th day in when training for Fargo, and decided on it for my current Sioux Falls half training as well.  However, with where my weekly mileage is it is sometimes daunting to look at your schedule and realize that your shortest run for the week is 6-7 miles.  I remember when that was still my long run!

Last week, I had a really crappy run on Monday, taking my 5 miler to 1.5 miles.  I didn't want to skimp on my weekly mileage, so I made up the miles with a short 3.5 mile recovery run on Sunday.  And I kind of loved it.  Yeah, I ended up running 6 days, but man it's so much easier to get yourself outside for a short little run.  For now I'm keeping my schedule as is, but any weeks that allow for a short recovery run on Sunday I am going to utilize.  Normally my first run post-long run is a 5-7 miler, and you know how trashy your legs feel after a long run.  Why not just suffer for a couple miles instead??  GENIUS!

This strategy came in super handy this week when I only had about 45 minutes to run and shower before I had to volunteer at the library.  Plus the heat index was 98* so I couldn't fathom running further than a short few.  So I knocked out 3 of my 6 miles on the schedule, and intend to do the remaining 3 Sunday as my shake out run.

Speaking of insane heat index, Monday I had a small sliver of time to run before a doctor's appointment.  Sadly that time to run was at 11:15am.  And it was hovering around 90*.  The air was so thick with humidity, I felt like I was gasping for air.  I was sweating so badly, I finally had to take my heart rate monitor off and carry it in my hand because it kept sliding down my sweaty ribcage.  I was hurting so bad, that I ended up walking for a couple of minutes during the final mile to get my heart rate down and attempt to cool myself.

Stupid me hadn't eaten any breakfast, hadn't drank any water, and didn't bother to throw on my white running hat.  Oh hai death march.  A cold cold shower has never felt so good.


Nobel4Lit said...

If I may, I'd advise not to add any more running days! It's so easy to get burnt out that way!!

JessA said...

Because of the heart monitor slipping, I try to fit my monitor underneath my sportsbra, not on the band but right above it on the inside. It helps to keep it in place.

Anonymous said...

6 days a week is crazy you go girl. I stick with 4 days I am scared for my shins if I go to 5.

Susan said...

I know some people who run six days per week (Jason does, I'm pretty sure. And Aron too.), but I could never do it! Too hard with twelve hour shifts, and I like my rest days too. :) I'm not sure my running mileage is high enough to warrant adding another day. Be careful if you more injuries!!