Sunday, July 17, 2011

No Shirt, No Shoes (jk), No Death By Sweat

I'm not a very self-conscious girl when it comes to my body.  When I was younger and incredibly skinny, I was super insecure, oddly enough.  I gained more confidence when I was heavier, and have kind of settled in to my happy place recognizing what my body is capable (running... for what feels like forever).  And yeah, it probably doesn't hurt that running keeps me at my happy weight for the most part.  I can sit at the swim up bar for hours in my bikini with no problem.

However, ask me to log a few miles in a sports bra sans shirt and I'll cower in the corner.  What gives?  I'm not quite sure.  Everything just seems to look a lot better when it's not all in motion, ya know?  Last summer I went shirtless for one run when it was 12003459834 degrees with 1708345% humidity.  I knew I couldn't handle one more run in that crap drowning in my clothes and the air.  I swear some girls gave me an evil look, and I never went without again.

This year I've been talking about it for at least a month.  I've done a decent job sticking to my core work, partially for this reason (christ...vain much? don't do core work because it might make you...uh.... faster... idiot).  

Well last Monday it was a nice 80 degrees with 80% humidity (seems to be the norm 80-80 not sure why) and after dealing with a death march of a long run Sunday I said screw it.  I threw on my running hat for incognito sake and did my 5 miles.  And it didn't kill me.  A lot of walkers wouldn't even make eye contact to smile/wave/say hi to me, probably because they were uncomfortable, but runners didn't bat an eyelash.  AND I WAS SO FREAKIN' COOL.  zomg it was amazing.  When I got done running my stomach was cool to the touch, because my internal cooling system was able to do its job when it didn't have fabric in the way.  Your body sweats to cool you off.... duh.  

So for the rest of the summer, I'm not going to give two poos about a few snobby judgmental stares because I'm 88% less of a sweatmonster.  WIN!

But in the meantime.........

Dear God, 
Please send me Susan's abs by my next long run.


EricaH said...

Good for you :) one of the goals on my running bucket list is to run in just a sports bra, given that I ever get midsection in order.

John said...

This post was screaming for pics.
Sad now.

kimi said...

Good for you! I wish I was at that point, but I'm just not. In HS and college xc I'd rock the sports bra only but this post-baby bod just isn't up to par yet.

Morgan said...

I'm totally with you on the feeling to self conscious about evil eyes to wear my sports bra most of the time. For instance last night I went riding with a friend, she told me she was rocking her sports bra because it was so hot out and I still couldn't do it. WTH?!?!? We are athletic people why are we so concerned?!?!? Good job making yourself do it and feeling cooler because of it.

Bree said...

Work it!

I went sans shirt for a few miles of my long run on Saturday. It was scary at first, but liberating. And much cooler which is the whole point.

I ran shirtless 75% of the time in high school and college in the heat. I was more self conscious back then even though I was much skinnier, too. Funny how that works!

Richelle said...

Awesome! With all the hot weather we've been having here in MN, I better start running in just a sports bra and shots!

audgepodge said...

I'm surprised walkers or other peeps would be weirded out at all. I mean, if it was that hot, I'm sure there were guys running around with no shirts at all which is even more exposed - I mean, hello, they're actually showing *nipples*!!! O_O


Anyway, good for you! We got to do what we can to beat the heat! :D

Susan said...

Running sans shirt is THE BEST. Embrace it. It's too hot not too...

Froyo is my secret to great abs, don't tell anyone.