Friday, July 29, 2011

Toe Nail Surgery + Two A Day

On my short run Tuesday I had some major pain in my toe.  Remember my black toe nails from Fargo?  Well, the right one has come partially detached from the nail bed.  Because it wasn't hurting, and slightly for vanity reasons, I kept it as is.  Not to mention that it's still very attached on the left side of the nail bed.  Hmm.  However, recently it's started to hurt when I wear shoes, but not my running shoes.  Fine.  But when it started to hurt while I was running ?  Oh hell no.

Wednesday night I had a 4x800 m interval workout to tackle, but first, toe nail surgery.  I've only had pinky nails fall off from running, and that's no big to-do.  In high school I had a big toe nail fall off, but the whole thing fell off at the same time, so there was no need for intervention.  I got to work, slowly bending the right side of the nail off the nail bed.  After some somewhat painful manuevering, I was able to peel it up enough to fit the monster toenail clippers under the nail.  I trimmed away at the base of the nail, as its half moon natural shape was poking the heck out of my sensitive nail bed.  Next up, the right hand corner that was also causing me pain.  All in all, I ended up removing about 1/6 of my toenail, and I seem to be pain free.  Maybe it'll even grow out like that and I won't have any future problems!

Post surgery I went out for a killer 4x800 m workout and posted some fab-o splits after a 2 mile warm up.

I finished with a 1/2 mile cooldown because I was beat and starving.

And 10 1/2 hours later I was out the door running again.  Silly me thought I had Thursday night to get in my run, but Kyle instructed me otherwise.  No biggie, back to back runs ensure that I take my recovery run at a recovery pace.  The bike trails were flooded and crazy muddy, so I ran through mud and through grass, and then when the path was flooded had to turn around and come home, and then do a 1 mile out and back from my place to get the miles in.  Oh and my garmin died halfway through.  What a run!


Nobel4Lit said...

Not a good thing to read over breakfast! I'd be too freaked out to do that, and I've lost toenails before, too!

Anonymous said...

I had to skip part of that toe-nail surgery story...ha, not the thing to read after breakfast.

but hey, pain-free running is worth anything, right??? :p

Trying To Heal said...

ahhhh....toesnails. i just broke one the other day. hahah!

JessA said...

I never lost a toenail but I had a minor freak out when I trimmed my toenails. One of them I trimmed down shorter than I planned but it didn't hurt. I hope I don't lose it! It's the one right next to the pinky toe. Weird!

JRose said...

I'm going to vomit now. Thank you. =P

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Gross. I could barely read this post without puking!