Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School + Weekly Wistlist: Apartment/Home Edition

I will be the first to admit that I am terrible at decorating my casa.  I'd like to think that I have good taste, but since I rarely entertain it seems silly to spend the $$ on my apartment.  I mean... hello.... running shoes are expensive!  Anyway, I've been compiling this list for awhile now, and it's pretty much my dream place.  Hopefully the links are all still good!

My current bedroom is green (shocker!) but I love the soft whimsicalness of this pale yellow.  I had a yellow room growing up, but this is so much more chic.
Buy it here.

Buy it here. Painfully out of my price range, but I love the retro look, and obviously the color tones. #greenandyellow
Buy it here. I'm obsessed with book shelves (yet another shocker).  I love that this one doubles as shelves for books/nicknacks/ktochkes/whatevs.

Buy it here. In my world, these curtains totally "go" with the yellow bedding.  So we'll leave it at that, I guess.  Ignoring the fact that the window I have in my bedroom is ginormous and wouldn't fit this at all.

I am a faithful "fan on to block out the noise of life, all night long" sort of gal.  Have been since college and living in the loud ass dorms.  Eventually my beloved wind machine will die, and I would like one of these pretty lovelies.
Buy it here.

Speaking of home decorating, I actually got a chance to hang up some items in my apartment that I've had leaning against the walls for 2 years now.  Meh... good enough for me!  Kyle brought me over a desk to use for my online classes (rolltide!) and decided to bust out the hammer and help me out.  I was able to set up my little desk area, for the most part.  I have a few book-nerd-esque prints that I need to frame and hang.

He also hung up my sweet bib board that I've had done forever.  Seriously it's been done so long I have enough bibs to make #2.  I love seeing all the race bling hanging below it.

And finally, my gorgeous back to school bag gift from Jenn.  I heart her.  And this gorg bag.

I start classes tonight!  Good bye sanity and free time for the next 24 months.  ROLLTIDE!
Nerdy library shirt and librarian cardi...check!


Morgan said...

I love your wish list posts... and damn you again for introducing me to Pinterest!!!

Also, GOOD LUCK with your new schooling endeavors!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Good luck w/ school! I start my 3rd semester of library school in a couple of weeks and am still loving it. :)