Friday, August 5, 2011

Search Terms have Gotten a Little Risque....

It's that time again, time to reveal some of the prime apples for how you fine folks make your way to my blog.  Without even trying, I seem to sense a general "theme."  Please let me know if you see it too.
  • foot fetish portland
  • rain boots for sex
  • male nipple stretching
Hint:  Bowchickabowwow.

When I was getting ready for my tempo run on Thursday, I realized I looked like workout Barbie.  Or whatever her dark-haired friend equivalent was.  My hair was super curly for work, so when I put it up, I looked like one of those girls.  You know... those girls with full hair and make up that come to ellipticize at the gym aka turn all the men's heads.  *cough*jealous, I'm a sweaty pig*cough*. 

And then I headed out for a tempo run, that frankly scared me, 7 miles, with 5 at tempo pace.  I've realized that when I start my tempo runs at pace, my heart rate soars, and me and the ol' puke threshold get chummy reeeeeeeeeeeal fast.  With that information tucked in my brain, I opted to take the first couple of miles on the easier side of the tempo pace and then kick it up the last couple.

Which would've been fine and dandy except my garmin's battery died midway through the run.  Meh.  My legs felt like junk and my tempo pace wasn't feeling nearly as strong as it typically does so it was probably for the best.  And I got to enjoy the remaining miles with the fireflies illuminating the bike trail.

I did 7 miles in 1:01:48 (by my close approximation) for a pace of 8:49.
Tempo miles:  8:10, 8:19, 8:21, 3:57 (half mile 7:53 pace). 

Friday morning (roughly 8 hours later) I was out of bed to run again.  There was swearing (only in my head, as I live alone and don't want to be the crazy lady..... yet).  I was excited that it was around 70 degrees out so I wore a SHIRT v tank top/no shirt, in the first time in forever.  Eew, should've checked the humidity.  97%.  Might as well have been raining out there.  Sweat city!  I rewarded myself with Starbucks for my early morning running efforts, but I'm to the point where I just need a pumpkin spice latte to further spur my reason for existance.  I miss it so dearly.  PSL come back to me!  I wonder if Kyle yet knows that literally everything in the world can be fixed in my eyes with a PSL.  I should give him that memo.

And just because it's cute, I found a random flower at work (ok full disclosure, a co-worker tossed her wilting flowers, and I fished a not-so-wilting one out of the trash) and decided to make it my new accessory.  I would wear a flower in my hair everyday of my life if I somehow had access to them.  So cheery!  Hippie flower child at heart, I know.


Morgan said...

Soooooooooooo pretty!

Nobel4Lit said...

Great job on the hair! I get weird search queries leading to my site (given my blog title), but nothing like that...

Katie said...

i would like the weather that accompanies the PSL back, please.

oh and last week i got "group showers with a chicken"

Zaneta said...

haha! Those search terms are hilarious! mine are mostly wedding related lol... perhaps i talked about (am still talking about) my wedding a lot ;) lol

Zoë said...

I wish the Pumpkin Spice could be a year-round thing's so good!

Love the hair flower! Very cheery indeed.

Anonymous said...

Search terms always crack me up!

I love your flower- you are very photogenic!

Anonymous said...

Aw, i love your hair! I could never get mine to look liek that!

Also - PSL. AH. fall is my favourite season, so Im extra pumped when I see the ads for the PSL in the Sbux window.

jt00ct said...

I must have missed the male nipple stretching post, can you post a link for that?

JessA said...

My hair is straight as a nail so I am soooooo jealous of yours!
I never tried a PSL but I did like the eggnog ones around Christmas. I currently like the mocha coconut. White chocolate mocha is still my other go-to fave!

Kier said...

Seriously...I am tempted to type in some of those search terms to see where you blog ranks on the search, but am quite scared to see what else will pop up!

Nice job on the runs! It is finally cooling off a bit...this morning was absolutely perfect out!

Susan said...

What have you been blogging about that you got those search terms?? I thought this was a pretty PG blog!!

Why aren't we the fabulously cute runner chicks? Oh, because we're awesome marathoners who sweat our butts!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Ahhh your so pretty!!

I hate "those" girls who go to the gym all dolled up and barely break a sweat.