Monday, August 8, 2011

The One I Pretend to be a Fisherlady

All last week, I seemed to be counting down the days to my cutback week.  I had a less than stellar tempo run, and was just ready for a little break.  Usually this is why I try to race about once a month.... it gives me something more immediate to focus on than my primary goal race.  But with my injuries after Fargo, I kept things a bit open ended.

Saturday I crawled out of bed, despite forgetting to set my alarm (only woke up 14 minutes late....I'm impressed, you should be too) ready-ish for my run.  I ate like crap on Friday night, so I was hoping that wouldn't effect my run.  I ate my normal eggs and toast and a banana to get things moving.  And I sat and waited.  And waited.  And waited.

Finally 45 minutes after my estimated departure time, I still hadn't visited the indoor port-a-potty, and just decided to go.  I knew there were a few gas stations during the first 4 miles that I could make it to given an emergency situation.  TMI?  Too bad. :)

The run wasn't anything too special. My legs felt not-so-awesome at the start, but then felt a little stronger.  The temps were lower, but the humidity was 100%.  Did you know humidity can be higher than 100%?  Something I learned the other day.  Hope I never experience it.

After circling back to my apartment for a water refill and a GU, I really just wanted to curl up on the couch.  The run wasn't bad, I was just....bored.  I kept trying to "check out" during the run, but apparently my auto pilot pace is slower than what I was shooting for.  I made it to mile 8 when I ran in to a DailyMile friend, Karla.  She asked if she could tag along for a few miles.  Eeeee!  YES!

We ran together for about 2 1/2 miles and the time seriously flew by.  And for some reason, my pace picked up as well.  Typically I run slower when chatting away, so that was a nice surprise.  She went on her way when I had about a mile and a half left, and I was so invigorated that I kicked up the pace a little bit for the remainder.

I did 12 miles in 1:54:44 for a pace of 9:39.
My average heart rate was 152, with a max of 171.  Oh hai lower average HR!  Yesssssssss. 

After logging my miles, I got all sorts of data-nerdery.  I realized that my mileage for the first 7 days of August is half of my total June mileage.  Also, I've only had 4 weeks in the last 52 weeks where my weekly mileage has been higher than this week.  Whoo!

Kyle is a fishing nut.  To say that he loves to fish as much as I love to run, would be a grave understatement.  His part time job is in a fishing department, so naturally he comes home from work with new purchases after every shift.  Because I make him look at all my new running stuff, it's only fair that I look at his fishing crap, right?

A few weeks ago he brought home this gem.  He bought it, "because it reminded him of me."  That....right there..... that's as sweet as our relationship gets.  jk.  But seriously.  It's a mirror image of my new running kicks! 

When I was little I used to go fishing with my pops all the time.  I'd always pick lures that I'd be attracted to, and they usually worked.  Kyle and I headed out fishing on Sunday night and I tried to use the same little trick.  I mean... if My Little Pony created a line of fishing lures, this would clearly be in the collection, right?  It's even got a sparkly tail!

Random fun fact:  This shade of pink is the exact hue on my toenails right now.  WIN!

I didn't catch any fish on it.  Wah.
(Sorry the picture quality sucks.  I drained my cell battery playing on the twitterz in the middle of the river...oops.)


audgepodge said...

Wow, that fishing lure and your shoes do totally match!!! (and super cute shoes, btw)

So am I not the only one that needs to have her PRP (pre race/run p00p)? :P

Jess A @cajunrunnerjess said...

Oh I love the color of your shoes and lure. Great job on your pace for the run!

Susan said...

haha that does look exactly like your shoes!! See, boys do pay attention!

Jordan said...

Are those Kinvaras? I just got a pair this week and wore them for a 5k yesterday and love them!