Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Transportation on Foot + Weekly Wishlist

Tuesday night I had a bit of a conundrum to attend to. After work I needed to run 6-7 miles and I wanted to hang out with Kyle, and also see his softball game.  I thought about running right after work but the heat was in the 90s, and then I wouldn't get to hang out with Kyle.  I thought about skipping the softball game to run during his game, but if they lost they wouldn't make it in to the tourney, and I wouldn't want to miss his final game of the season.


I could run to his game!

I ran near the fields this winter/spring on an 18 and 20 miler and realized that it would easily be a bikeable distance (if the g.d. bike trails ever got fixed) and was even a runnable distance.  Since they usually have 2 games an hour apart, I haven't felt the need to sit around in my sweat for 3+ hours.  However, they only had 1 game tonight.  A quick mapquest revealed I was correct, and it was 7.1 miles from my doorstep.  YAYZIES!

Kyle came over after work and I unloaded a bag of stuff for him to schlep to the field for me, including my keys, phone, and a change of clothes.  I set out for my run about 80 minutes before their game was to start, and it was a much cooler 80 degrees with a side breeze.  Heaven.  And I could BREATHE so I knew the humidity had dropped.

The route is extremely hilly so I just tried to focus on my form on both the uphill and downhills since Mankato will have its fair share of rollers.  I got to enjoy several sets of sprinklers along the way, and probably grinned for the entire run. IT'S SO NICE TO RUN WHEN IT'S NOT A SAUNA OUTSIDE, FYI.

During the last mile I did my 4x100 m. strides on a slight incline, but still managed a pretty okay pace 7:24, 7:11, 7:09, 7:42.

I ended up with 7.28 miles in 1:09:20 for a pace of 9:32.  And the boys won!

And I forgot to show this, but this was during the game last Monday when I thought the end of the world was on the horizon and the boys continued to play softball.  This was taken from the truck because I haz a scurred.

And now for some fun online shopping!

(found via outblush)
I'm not a huge jewelery girl, so I like pieces that make a bit of a statement.  And I'm obsessed with this gem.

Love this simple long sleeve top.  Actually even like it with the colored pants. That's almost fashion forward of me.  YIKES!

This is a shirt that I need, along with Susan, Sam, and Sam (although it might look weird on a dude).

I almost pulled the trigger on this adorable bag.  I contacted the website to request the dimensions of the bag, because I want to use it for a school bag, meaning it needs to fit my books+laptop.  They never got back to me.  Sad day.

I need this. Not want, need.  If Kyle doesn't buy it for me, I'm getting it myself.  I'm obsessed with the infinity sign.  And I feel like a girl needs something from Tiffany's, right?


kimi said...

That bag is fantastic. I want a ring from Tiffany's too. Can you believe I own NOTHING from Tiffany's? NOTHING. Feel free to pass this knowledge on to my husband. We do have a 5 year wedding anniversary a week away.

JessA said...

Cute fashion pics! Congrats on your awesome pace for your run!

Jeff said...


Susan said...

Yessss I love that tshirt....and I've gotten through life with nothing from Tiffany'

Anonymous said...

the bag is on its way to you, delivery is guaranteed by August 19. happy start of grad school from me and andy : ) xoxo