Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Goals: Win, Lose, or Draw?

I, along with the rest of the blog world, threw out some lofty goals a mere 365-ish days ago.  Some were a bust, and some were a giant win.  Shall we take a gander?

Running and Fitness

  • Break 4 hours in the marathon
FAIL.  But not for lack of trying.  2012 will be there year for this.
  • Run a sub 1:50 half marathon
Close but no cigar.  Like 57 seconds close.  But honestly, I could not have ran a stitch faster than I did that day.  I dry heaved for about 8 minutes after crossing the finish line, if that's any indicator.
  • Run a 5k in 22:xx
FAIL. Again.  I was somewhat close on this, but it was on a short course.  I also only raced one 5k this year.  What the heck?  who am I?
  • Become a mentally tough runner
I count this one as a win.  I had a couple of races this year that I wanted to give up on for pain/injuries/potential diarrheal explosions on the race course (Fargo half food poisoning, I'm looking at you here...), but didn't.  But there's still plenty of room for improvement!
  • Practice yoga more regularly (either alone or at a studio)
Fail. Although I have bought some groupons and fitness class passes to make this a go for 2012.  Baby steps, obvs.
  • Find new running buddies!
Success!  I ran with a running group a couple of times and went on some running dates with Dailymile friends.  
  • Stay injury free
Fail.  Better luck next year!
  • Run 1600 miles for the year
Holy crap, this was my goal?  Way fail.  I think halfway through the year I settled on 1400, and I didn't even swing that.
  • Lift regularly (regularly is a loose term here FYI)
Fail of epic proportions.  Although I have asked Kyle to come with me to the gym to help me get a weight routine going.  I've also toyed with doing a personal training session or two with the trainer at my gym who runs marathons and does tris.  Baby steps.  Again.

Personal Goals
  • Get in to a Master's program for Library Science
Success!  Roll Tide Roll!
  • Join a book club 
Success!  I attended a few put on by the public library.  And then my work schedule switched to two nights a week and my class schedule was the other two nights.  Maybe by the time I'm done with school I can be leading the book clubs. ;)
  • Join a Stitch and Bitch group 
Fail. Again the local group met on my work night.  Bummer.
  • Continue to find fun crafty ways to utilize my creative side 
Fail.  All my limited free time is taken up by running and reading.  Crafting will have to wait another 5 semesters.  That's ok with me.
  • No more truck driver mouth (no offense to any (?) truck drivers who may read my blog)
I'd say I'm better with this.  It tends to flair up after I hang out with Jenn.  ;)
  • Take more photos (rekindle photo project:  Project 52!)
WIN!  All done!  (Once I post the last few pics to my blog!)
  • Average more scarf sales per month than in 2010
Fail.  Although I rarely advertised because I had so little time to crochet.
  • Live and love life
One of the best years ever.  Major success!

So what did we learn here?  Anything running related, I bombed at, and anything that enhanced me as an individual I succeeded.  Hmm... ok then.  Here's to 2012!


Anonymous said...

I love your honest assessment on all of this! And I'd say you did pretty awesome on your sub 1:50 goal consideringl the adversity. Congrats on all you accomplished in 2011 & here's to a fab 2012!

Katie said...

1600 miles, holy mcmiles! also, the 5K really sucks, don't do that.

Morgan said...

Life happens and when it does, sometimes it gets in the way of things we have planned. Your attitude is the best way to take it, "move along nothing to see here, oh look something shiny!" :) Cheers to 2012 chica!