Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hair Decisions

In keeping up with my 2012 goals, I did ab work yesterday en route to Operation: Alba Abs (even in the off season) or OAAeitos for short, and my core is still crying so I'd say that's a success.  I also successfully avoided my 8 miler all the live long day, so I was forced to hit the treadmill today because apparently winter has decided to come (see temps now below zero, barf).

Luckily the 8 miles didn't take too terribly long.  They were supposed to be general aerobic miles (meaning:  slow down let's get this heart super efficient, eh? Apparently my training program is a Canadian).  I read a book (one of the Pretty Little Liars, so trashy but so good!) and when I got bored with that, I listened to the new Bush CD.  I kind of really like it, fyi.  The last 2 miles of the run had 10x100 m strides in it, so that spiced things up a bit.  Managed to rock those little suckers in 6:58-7:03.  And now I'm slightly dreading my ten miler scheduled for tomorrow, because *shockingly* it's supposed to be -10* before I go to work.  While 8 wasn't too terrible, another 10 about 12 hours later might suckkkkk.

And in non-running news, I need your advice!  I'm getting my hairs did on Thursday and I'm torn about what to do.  I always do the same hair style, so I like to change the color up a bit.  But usually I don't.  Because I'm a wuss like that.  Here are my current thoughts:

Top pic only.  I know it's just different lighting for the bottom pic, but I'm trying to get away from the blonde.  Being a curly haired gal, your hair is already dry, no sense making it dryer (you hear that Jeri from 3 months ago that decided "ZOMG I SHOULD PUT A BUNCH OF BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS IN MY HAIR!" Uh... no.  You shouldn't.... jk)

Or B)

I've had this pic saved on my computer forever.  Just looooooove it.  Doesn't hurt that her hair is super shiny/healthy/fabo.

Some things to consider:

  • Red tends to fade like crazy and this girl cannot afford to go in as often as she should (read: usually 3 months, 4 on occasion....).
  • It's winter so I'm pretty pale.  Even when I'm tan I tend to be a pinky-tan.  So I'd prefer that the color doesn't make me MORE pink, ya know?
Ok please weigh in, and then send over some monies to cover the bill.  Wait!? Who wrote that?!?! ;)  No worries, I'm sure I'll have found my long sought sugar daddy by then, ya know.... Thursday....  Phew.


kimi said...

I'm still voting for ombre. Look at the most recent inspiration photo I found. http://pinterest.com/pin/177470041535796448/

Dom and Trey said...

I say go for the reddish tint. You can pull it off, easily.

Oh, and you just reminded me to check out the new bush album. Thanks! I use to play the Razorblade suitcase album non-stop.


Allison said...

I vote for reddish!

I never do anything with my hair. Very boring, but I'm lazy.

Stefanie D. said...

I love red undertones! They look so pretty. I think if you went with a darker shade, like ashleys, it wouldn't fade as much. It's the brighter reds that have major fade issues.

Susan said...

How do you run and read at the same time??