Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Love + Marathon Pace Run

I've recently gotten in to audiobooks.  This is kind of a big deal for me.  I've always thought audiobooks were kind of... [whispers] cheating.  Don't get me wrong, an audiobook is so.much.better than no book at all, but since I'm a pretty crazy fast reader, there was never really a reason to pick up an audiobook instead of a book.

I remember back when I was in college and my brother called me asking for some book recommendations.  After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I rattled off some titles I thought he'd enjoy, likely The DaVinci Code as I'd just recently devoured it.  You see, my brother, six years my senior, was the awesome athlete of the family.  I was the brain.  We both dabbled in each other's specialty, he'd destroy some Jeopardy! categories, and I'd make All-Conference honors for volleyball, but for the most part we knew our rolls.  So when he asked me this question I got super excited!


Turns out, with his new job, he was on the road a lot, and he found that audiobooks helped him pass the time.  Yay brother.

Fast forward to me, or rather just bring the attention back to me [me me me!].  I picked up an audiobook from the library a couple of weeks back just to see if it'd be possible to listen to it at work.  Outside of the attrocious acting in the audiobook, it was kind of awesome.  I liked it so much that I continued to listen on my short commute home.  And then kept listening while I was cleaning my apartment when I got home.  And even loaded it to my iPod shuffle for my long run.  By then the annoying accents and ooooemmmmmgeeeeeeee-ness of the book were more tolerable and I was really enjoying myself!

Since then I've finished two other books and have a few more on hold at the library.  If you're interested in trying, I would recommend a pretty "light and/or fluffy" read because I find it hard to be stopped in the middle of something I'm intently concentrating on.  Also, for running, I think it'd be better for easy runs/general aerobic runs/parts of long runs.  When you're really concentrating on your pace/form/whatevs it's pretty hard to follow the book too.

Look at me combining all my loves in to one thing.  Last year I discovered reading books on the treadmill.  This year I take my books in my ears on my long runs.  Next year I'll probably have a chip implanted in my head so I can read the book in front of my face but still view the running paths beyond that.

Crap. That's an amazing idea!!  BRB, heading to the patent office asap!

This weekend I tackled my first long run with miles at marathon pace.  Naturally we got dumped on with snow, and were under a wind advisory, so gym it was.  I hate running on the treadmill.  But I also know that attempting to run fast on loose slow would've equated to about 10:30 minute miles.  Not exactly MP.  I had 13 miles to do with 8 at marathon pace.

Essentially I convinced my brain I had a 5 mile GA run and then an 8 mile MP run so I didn't lose my sanity.  Jeopardy came on shortly after my MP miles got going, and while I can't do math while I run, I can still run some Jeopardy categories.  Good to know.

Finished 13.1 miles in 2:00:21.  Marathon pace miles were:

6. 9:04
7. 9:05
8. 9:05
9. 8:56
10. 8:57
11. 8:56
12. 8:51
13. 8:42
.1 :50
Averaging 8:57 pace.  Whoot!

And of course my IT bands are pissy now. :) 


Jill said...

I finally ordered books for my kindle, never liked the idea before. I love it now. I have never tried an audio book, I will have to try them. I just found out we can get audio books, kindle books and download music from our library. sweet...

Evolving Through Running said...

Nice work with the marathon pace miles. 2012 is the year of the sub-4 for you.

Sorry about your Packers. Thought they were a lock for a repeat.

Listen to lots of Podcasts on my long runs, but never tried an audiobook. May have to give that a shot.

Katie said...

IT band, that pissy bitch will just never stop whining.

Morgan said...

I have an hour commute for work and that is how I pass the time, "reading" audio books. Two hours in the car every day spent "reading" it's glorious! :)

Zaneta said...

great run girl! :)
I've never tried reading on the treadmill or listening to audiobooks for that matter... maybe i should try! :)

Kier said...

Nice run! (Which plan are you following this time?)

I love listening to audio books while running - when I am not lazy and actually upload them to my iPod. Born to Run is especially great to listen to while running.

Allison said...

Wait, you can actually read on the treadmill? I feel like I move around to much to be able to focus on text.

I've never been an audio book person, but it does seem like a good idea for treadmill runs or even easy outdoor runs.

Susan said...

I've listened to an audio book maybe once in my life, and I'm not so sure I totally enjoyed it...I like to make the voices up in my head so it's weird to have someone else do that for me!

paul arts said...

you read books on the treadmill?

Kristin Miller said...

Aaron Rodgers is back on you should return to blogging. The mourning period is over. :-D