Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shorts in January FTW

Hello chafing my old friend....
You've come to destroy my thighs again....
(to be song to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's The Sounds of Silence).

I think I may have figured out a very important component to inner thigh chafage: I only chafe when I'm not pouring sweat.  Ergo, my sweat is equal to, if not greater than Body Glide in awesomeness, and I should bottle it up and market it.  Screw Scarves for PRs, we're talking JerBear Shares Her Sparkly Sweat (for a nominal fee, obvs).

I finally got out for my first run of 2012 yesterday.  Just savoring the big ol' goose egg in my running log as long as possible I guess.  However, when the temp was still in the 40's at 8pm, I had no choice but to head out for some miles.  My legs were still pretty tight from my long run since I had failed to do a shake out run the day after... or any run at all until Wednesday, and my left calve was sir cranky pants.  The last mile and a half my legs finally felt good.

But even better, I got to run in shorts!  In January!  At night time!  It was kind of amazing.

And tonight I got some company on the first couple of my run when Kyle wanted to join me.  Yippee!  Even better news was that he thought it was a lot easier than last week's run.  I think I'm going to keep a training log of Kyle's runs and surprise him with something cool when he gets to 100 miles.  I remember how big of a deal it was when I hit 100 miles the first time I started tracking my mileage.  And I still have the Fossil watch I bought myself as a reward.  And the Brett Favre Jersey for the 200th mile.  Ha.

I had planned to just do some easy miles, but then realized I wouldn't have a hard run this week outside of my long run.  Since the route is fairly hilly, I decided I would run the hills hard and recover on the downhills and straightaways.  It was actually pretty fun and was enough variety that it kept my mind entertained.  And I swear to you, some of those hills were like 4-5 blocks long.  That's a big hill for this "I heart running on the prairie" girl.  I managed to average a 9:05 on the solo portion of my run.

Edited to add:  After I hit publish I realized this was my 500th post.  I think I had planned to do something special for it, for you all, but obviously I didn't.  Remind me in a month, maybe I'll do a random something since I suck.


Kristin Miller said...

500 post: get a new packers jersey!!! :-) I only have AJ Hawk, but it's the expensive LEGIT child's one. Mt husband has, oh, 8. Lambeau only has one one too, he's a but superstitious. Playoffs!

Kier said...

Gah - I remember some pretty intense hill workouts we did at Augie. Who knew there were so many hills in SF??

Happy 500th post!

Greg said...


Now you've hit on a great new product! Do you know how many pervs out there would kill for an once of your sweat! I know the thought of it makes you want to dry heave. But once that passes in about an hour and you think of all that cash!?! Who knows! I mean your super cute and the internet is full of FREAKS! You could bottle it, set the price based upon the activity that produced the sweat. . . . Ok, I'm freaking myself out a bit. Time to stop. ;)

Jordan said...

Who doesn't love being able to run in shorts in January! It almost makes me want to move somewhere I can run in shorts year round!