Monday, December 16, 2013

Fall Marathon Plan Shake Up

After I wrote my post about my fall marathon plans, I hopped on to my favorite trusted marathon site: to see if there were any races that I was missing. When searching the site, I first look at December then November races. Then I check out October races that are further north than me.


Bemidji Marathon.

Last year's race was their first ever. The course looks nice and flat and similar to what I train on here. Mid-October 6 hours north of here should be gorgeously cool perfection. And more importantly, the race route actually runs around the lakes up there. Thus making it an easy sell for Kyle and my dad to travel up there to spectate. "Oh, I can fish while I'm waiting for you to run by? Cool, I'll be there."

"Oooooh shoooore... loohk how high up in dah nort dat is....." <--Imagine that's done in my best northern Minnesoooootan accent.

If I go this route and I continue to work on my running form, I'm also considering the Leading Ladies half marathon in Spearfish. It's in August, and being on the western side of the state they tend to have less extreme weather than we do on the east side, so it could actually be a pleasant race morning in August. It's a downhill course which terrifies me since that usually hurts my IT bands, but could be fun! TBD fall. Anyone want to meet me out west for a girls weekend? Fast race friends, check the race results.... could be your chance for a half or marathon W.... I'm looking at you Susan, Angry Runner, etc. etc.

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Susan said...

I need to race plan for 2014...but it would be fun to win...hmmmm....