Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Offseason

I don't really "do" offseason. I either
a) am so broken that I need to take time off from running, thus do zero physical activity
b) am on such a runner's high that I train train train through the crazy winter months in hopes of spring PRs (sidenote: the last time I did this was the last time I had spring PRs... interesting) or
c) am so over running/burnt out from running/busy with everything else that I don't run or do any other physical activity (see also: last winter).

Since the Madison Marathon I've been doing an ok job of embracing the offseason. *pats self on back* I've gone for some easy runs, some hard runs, a fast run, and some runs with friends. I've attended yoga (cross-training you guys!!! i win!) AND started Jillian's 30 day shred (again, omg! strength training!!). I'm always jealous of my friend Megan's dedication to fitness. She does such a great job of doing something physical every day, even while preggo. If I'm not running, I typically don't want to do anything else. Because if I DO anything else, well the whole time I spend thinking I SHOULD be running. Runner's guilt or something. At some point I will get it through my brain that it's the other stuff that makes me a stronger and healthier runner.

My plan for the offseason:

  • Buddy runs! I have a couple of running friends who are the speed I used to be. While they've been good about running pokey with me, it'd be a nice surprise if I could haul booty on a run and let them run their normal pace. Plus it'll be good for me to push myself.
  • Treadmill speed sessions. I generally loathe the treadmill, with a fiery burning passion. But I do think it's effective for getting back on track with speed work, which is where I'm at with things. I can only do about 5 miles max on a TM anymore, and that's just about the perfect distance for some 800 or 1600 m. repeats!
  • Core work/pushups/30 day shred. I took my measurements the other night as I do every once in awhile. And then spent 45 minutes analyzing them compared to past measurements over the past 7 years. Super interesting. I plan to take them again around my birthday which will be roughly 30 days in to the shred. Progress will keep me motivated and this is usually a way better indicator to me than the # on the scale.
  • Yoga. I have 6 yoga sessions that have to be used before Christmas. On one hand, YAY YOGA! On the other hand, holy cow that's a lot to fit in the schedule. Challenge accepted! It will also get me to try more types of yoga than just hot yoga. On the schedule: yoga sculpt and hot vinyasa.
  • Mindful eating. This is always a struggle for me and today is just as good of time to start focusing on it as the new year would be. 
  • Run for fun. Heading out the door with no plan in mind. No distance pre-determined. No route planned out. Possibly garminless (lolz), at the very least tucked under some layers of clothes!

Any other suggestions for successful offseason running??

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