Monday, December 9, 2013

My Christmas Slash Birthday List

Everyone who has a blog is doing a list of things that every runner needs. So that's been done. But no one is doing a list of things that *I* want, so here's my list to Santa slash Birthday fairies.

VS Pajamas. I got these in polka dot last year, and I basically live in them.  All day e'ery day. They're flannel! It's cold here! I'm sure Kyle would like to burn them so I have to wear something less dumpy.

Pug Sweater. Thanks to Jaseface and ASOS I now need this ridiculously overpriced sweater. I can totally see me in this, Kyle in his green and blue flannel and Ollie in her reindeer headband for our holiday pictures. WHY ARE YOU SO EXPENSIVE?!!? YOU'RE RUINING MY DREAMS!

A New Garmin. I almost pulled the trigger on this when my Garmin was on the fritz pre-Madison Marathon. This one is just so pretty! I'll likely wait until I start marathon training again this summer, since it seems to be fine on runs that are less than 3 hours.

The entire J. Crew catalog. Seriously. I just flipped through that and mentally tallied a gazillion dollars worth of stuff I want. Too bad I can only afford the J. Crew factory stuff, and only when THAT'S on sale.

Punchcard for Santosha Yoga. I used my birthday money on a ten punch card last year. I can't go when it's warm out so it lasted the year! I'm also on the hunt for a good hot yoga towel to use. I may have found a green one (obvs) on sale!

Boots. Kyle wants me to ice fish with him (has for the past few years) but says I need super warm boots. He must know that he won't be able to sit on my feet while we're on the ice. I would also like my feet to not freeze off while waiting ever so patiently for the pug to find the *perfect* pee and poo spot outside in 30 below. Can't wait for that. Something similar to these, but that Kyle has in stock at work so he can use his discount on them.

Kate Spade's entire Owl and library inspired collection. It's almost like they're designing with me specifically in mind.

**I'm not affiliated with any of these companies and don't get any money if you purchase these items, even if you do so by clicking the links.**

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Anonymous said...

Garmin just had a good sale on their website!! Check it out :)