Friday, December 13, 2013

NYC Half Marathon + NYC Trip

And the lottery results are in!

Drumroll please......

I didn't get in.

Womp, womp.

Yesterday was super weird, I checked my email obsessively and then saw that people were checking their statuses on NYRR, so I did that and it said I wasn't in. Bummer. And THEN I saw that some people who had saw their statuses as "not accepted" later got their credit cards charged and flip over to "accepted." So I held out hope! Then my not accepted status changed! YIPPEE!

And then when I got home I found out it had changed BACK to not accepted, and then I got the official email. Such a bummer. I'm really not that mad that I don't get to do that particular race, but I REALLY REALLY wanted to be in NYC over St. Patty's day with my two race options falling in the middle-ish of March. I tried to swing my flight STILL to make it work to be there over the day o' green, but the flight is $130 more. Gross.

I'm really glad I had a backup plan of the All State half, or I think yesterday would've left me SUPER BUMMED.

NYC (+Susan!) I'm still comin' for ya!

^I finally let myself pick these guys up from the library this week to start perusing. 

Any must sees?
Must dos?
Must eats? (<--most important, obvs)
Must drinks?
While I'm there??


Anonymous said...

A must eat…Crumbs Bakery. Best.Cupcakes.Ever. Just saying' :-)
A bummer that you didn't get into the half though. That would've been a blast!

Penelope said...

I'm personally a fan of Sugar Sweet Sunshine cupcakes.

And it's ok about not getting in because we are going to do TC, right? :)

ilovesteaks said...

I didn't get in either.

Susan said...

So bummed you didn't get in! I also can't believe it...someone has to represent SD!!! But we will still have a blast and I'm excited for you to visit!!