Tuesday, December 10, 2013

October in Review + November in Review

I'm a bit behind, clearly.


Total Miles: 82.8 down from 101.8 last month.
Total Time: 14:42:31 down from 18:00:27 last month.  
Total Runs: 9, jeepers. Which means I averaged 9+ miles a run. Hah.
Highest weekly mileage:  October 14-20 47.1 miles.  Peak week!
Favorite run: I had a really strong 18 miler. Usually they suck, so this one went well for once!

Most hardcore run: My last 20 miler. I got an early start to "beat the wind" but it ended up beating the crap out of me the last 8 miles. Good practice for a windy day though!
Favorite race: Trick or Treat 10k (only race)
Bike Miles
: 0
Favorite Jam:  Paramore--Still Into You

This was probably the worst month of training of my marathon cycle. I had some aches that were on the cusp of feeling like injuries, so I took some extra time off to be on the safe side. Definitely not the month of training I wanted to have going in to a marathon. Plus, October is my favorite month to run because it's finally gorgeous around here!

Total Miles: 43.3 down from 82.8 last month
Total Time: 7:56:41 down from 14:42:31 last month.  
Total Runs: 5 runs, 1 yoga session, 1 weight training session.
Highest weekly mileage:  LOLZ 28.3 race week.
Favorite runMadison Marathon as my race photos indicate, I had a pretty damn good time running 26.2 miles around Madison, despite the hills. I think I was just thrilled that my body held up for that long once again.
Most hardcore run: I did a 6 mile run with 4 at tempo about two weeks after Madison and hit some paces that I haven't seen in a REALLY long time. It was also snowing and only 15* so that helped me feel like a total B.A.
Favorite race: Madison Marathon
Bike Miles
: 0
Favorite Jam:  I'm pretty obsessed with Katy Perry's CD right now, particularly Legendary Lovers, Dark Horse, This is How We Do, Double Rainbow, and it Takes Two (basically the whole CD, really).

It took slightly longer to recover from the marathon than I was expecting. I ran a week out from the race and my legs almost fell off. I went for a hilly run with a friend a few days later and my legs felt like trash after 2 miles (kudos to her for sticking with my slow pace for the next 4 miles, yikes). Finally two weeks after I had a stellar tempo run without setting out intending to do so. I think getting in a car and driving for 7 hours the day after a marathon is never a way to speed along recovery, hah.

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