Thursday, January 2, 2014

Look Back at 2013 Goals

It's been a year since I've put these goals down on paper (hit publish, same thing). A lot of the goals became somewhat moot as I took some time off of running and then have spent the last 6-7 months changing my form instead of just trying to get FASTER (aka broken, if you're me). Some of these will certainly be do-overs for 2014!


  • PR a half marathon.  No way Jose. After switching out my running form in May, I haven't been able to put in the speedy miles to get back in to PR chasing shape. This will definitely be a repeat goal in 2014!  
  • PR a 10k.  See above. 
  • Run a sub 7 minute mile.  
  • Run 100 miles every month. Uff. Nope.
  • Run a 5k a day.  
  • More buddy runs.  Yay! I succeeded at this one! This goal has by far helped the most with getting out of my running funk. I'm very lucky to have running friends that are willing to run along slowly with me, but I've promised some that we'll be speeding up soon!


  • Continue to attend circuit weights.  Well, 3 weeks after the new year, I started a new job so I no longer had a lunch time circuit weight class on campus so, fail.
  • Attend yoga at least 1x a week.  Nope.
  • Get my eating habits more in check. This will forever ebb and flow I'm afraid. 
  • Jessica Alba abs for strong runner awesomeness vs looking good shirtless.  Part of this was fueled by Vegas, but I did a pretty good job of solid core work once my running started to pick up in late spring.
  • Learn to change a flat on my bike.  OMG I DIDN'T EVEN RIDE MY BIKE IN 2013, I'M THE WORST.


  • Read 100 books.  Uh... yeah... knocked this one out of the park. I'm knocking on the door of 200....
  • Finish my grad program with a 4.0.  Grr. Dang you cataloging.... 3.9 is still pretty good I suppose.... 
  • Nab my dream job.  Yay! I snagged this one right out of the gates of 2013!
  • Obtain another pug bestie for Ollie.  Still TBD. 
  • Make a decent attempt at my remaining items on my 101 in 1001 goals. Decent attempt? yes!
  • Spend some time and money (ugh) making our apartment (or future apartment/house, our lease is up in May) feel more homey.  Kyle hung up all of my decorations finally! Win! We also bought stuff to make a scarf hanger thingy. 

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Laura Tisdell said...

I have a running related question for many times do you buy new shoes a year? I'm keeping track and I ran the TC10 Mile and a 1/2 in October and signed up for another half in May...thinking I might need to get new shoes during this training cycle...