Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 3 of Spring Training

This week was low on "sticking to the training program" but high on "running inspiration" so it wasn't a total wash. I was sick early in the week, and when I was finally feeling good enough to go for a run, life smacked us in the face and running was the last thing on my mind. I was able to get out for a gorgeous 10 miles on Sunday and frolicked around town with a giant smile on my face. Week 4 is a scheduled cutback week, so I'm flipflopping week 3 and week 4, so I can redo my week 3 quality workouts. I did manage to get in a few core work sessions, so it wasn't a total wash!

On the running inspiration front, I have tentative race bestie weekend plans for next year to possibly run the Houston half or full (likely the full) after it was gorgeous and magical etc. etc. and our bestie lives there, so yeah, duh. Where do we sign up?? The guaranteed entry for qualified times for half and 10k requirements are slower than my PRs which has given me extra motivation for spring races to get back to my old speed. I'll be running 3 halfs and 1 10k before the cutoff, so consider a fire as having been lit under my hiney!

Additionally, I have been doing some planning regarding the fall marathon plans/ideas/shenanigans. Sorry, Danielle, it doesn't look like Chicago or Philly is in the cards.... this year. The more I look at the Bemidji Marathon the more I think it'll be the perfect race selection for me. It's about 5 hours north of here, so it should be nice and crisp mid-October. It's pretty darn flat, but not pancake flat like Fargo (which is actually hard because your muscles don't get any variation for 26.2 miles) but more like the flatness I'm used to running with mini tiny rollers to keep it interesting. My 18 week training program would start the day after my last planned race of this upcoming season, and my only race on the schedule--Sioux Falls half (my 10th consecutive SF half!!)--falls on a day where I'm scheduled to run 18 miles with 14 at GMP. Even if it's a hot day for the half, I should be able to knock out 14 miles at GMP. WHOOP! Most importantly, I've got Kyle on board to come along, because opening pheasant hunting season isn't until the following week (great planning there!) and my parents are planning to come and spectate barring any major issues in the next year. My parents have never got to see me run a marathon, so I'm pretty psyched. The race goes around the lake, so Kyle and my dad can get their fishing game on while they wait for me at the various spots. :)

I basically spent the afternoon on Sunday working on my training program to start in June. It's been awhile since I've had this sort of excitement for running. I sure hope it sticks around.

And my fastest mile of my long run on Sunday was the last one. Running the last 5 miles in o 35mph winds was less than fun, but it was still a way stronger run than last week's 10 miler! AND it was also in capris. WHOOP.


Melissa Carlson said...

Ahh I hope you get to run Houston, it definitely was magical this year! (and this is coming from someone who walked a ton of the race & might now be injured haha)

Lisa @ Cow Spots and Tales said...

This winter has been rather brutal. I'm jealous of your outside frolick! So many of my miles lately have been on the treadmill. (Though I did have a lovely long run outdoors 2 weekends ago.)

I didn't even know Bemidji has a marathon, but I bet it will be a gorgeous race. I am planning on a marathon close to home this spring because my parents have never seen me run one either.

Long comment, whew! Happy training to you through this winter.