Monday, January 13, 2014

Mock Printz

At my library, I've started a book club for adults who like to read Young Adult books. It's been a lot of fun so far, and I was even in the paper to promote it! YAY books!

For our January meet up, I had the idea to do a Mock Printz Award discussion. The Printz Award is akin to the Newbery Award given for quality children's literature, only it is geared specifically for Young Adult books (books geared toward 13-18 year olds).

In case you want to play along from afar, here are the titles we have on our list. I encouraged people to read as many or as few as they'd like. The Printz Award committee looks at all the Young Adult books published in the U.S. during the year to determine one Printz Award winner and five Printz honor books.

The books on our list are:

I've highlighted the books that I got a chance to read.

We discussed the books one by one, discussing the merits that the Printz committee looks at when deciding. Then we voted on our top 3 books with the 1st place book garnering 5 points, 2nd 3 points and 3rd 1 point.

My personal votes were
1.  Eleanor and Park
2.  More Than This
3.  Two Boys Kissing

I really really hope E&P will win the Printz, but I could also see More Than This taking the honors.

Our group came up with:

1.  Eleanor and Park (27)
2.  Forgive Me Leonard Peacock (16)
3.  Two Boys Kissing (9)
4T.  More Than This (8)
4T.  Winger (8)
6.  Far Far Away (5)
7.  5th Wave (4)
8.  Counting by 7s (3)
9.  Coldest Girl in Coldtown (1)

The actual Printz award will be on January 27th. I can't wait to see who wins!

**The links are all amazon affiliate links, so if you click on them and buy the book, I get a tiny portion of the sale. FYI**

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Susan said...

I have that polka dot sweater...twinsies!!

As I was browsing Barnes and Noble today, I saw E&P and flipped through it...I'm trying to limit book buying (you'll see how much space I don't have when you visit!), but it looked good!