Thursday, February 27, 2014

Half Marathon Training Program Recommendations

Including March's half marathon, I will have trained for and ran nineteen half marathons. I've used Hal Higdon's Novice and Intermediate training programs, as well as a number of programs for Runner's World. My best half marathon was during a marathon training cycle.

When it comes to marathon training, there are a lot of great plans out there: Pfitz, Hanson, are two favorites but there are many others. But I don't feel like a half marathon training program stands out as prominently as these do. 

For my April and May half marathons, I'm planning to do a similar program to the one I'm currently following (Runner's World Smart Coach plan), but I'd be curious to hear what other people's favorites are. I like Runner's World because they allow for two hard workouts a week, which make it easier for me to switch around training runs as necessary. I usually have to space speed work and long runs 3 days apart to keep from breaking.

So what do you use for half marathon awesomeness???

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Kathy said...

I'm very interested in any responses you get to this. Normally my half marathon's are run as part of my marathon training.

Since I didn't really like the basic half marathon training plans out there and I'm trying to focus on the half this spring, I'm modifying marathon training to focus more on the half. My long run is pretty much maxed at 15 miles and I'm trying to run it faster. I'm putting more emphasis on speed work running 200s-1200s on Mondays, tempo run on Thursdays which I'm using as a build up from marathon to 1/2 marathon pace. Here's the inspiration: Hanson's Half Marathon Plan