Friday, February 14, 2014

Seen on Team Green: Vol. 2

I purchased a pair of heather gray gapfit running tights a couple of months ago after a price drop, and I had a coupon. I landed a cobalt blue pair of GapFit capris on super duper sale after Xmas for $16, and they're probably the most butt flattering pants I've ever seen.

So when I saw a pair of green GapFit running tights and had some Gap Cash burning a hole in my pocket, I had to get them.

You'll likely be seeing me in these for the NYC half! (Unless it's not as cold as I'm planning because then I'll definitely be in shorts, obvs.) Get them here for $39

Speaking of running clothes, I've now (since purchasing my green pants) put myself on a clothes spending freeze (dang you student loans, taking all my moneyz!) I have set up incentives on mileage for myself. So I can snag some new stuff when I hit 250 miles for the year. Only ~ 130 miles to go!

There are some other adorable green things on the Gap site:

This is on sale for $37 here. i already own a similar half zip, so I can't have this one (unless it's still around in 130 miles... then... we'll see)

And I think these would be the most flattering capris, ever. Snag these asap if they have them in your size. Get them here.

This is not a sponsored post in any way FYI.

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Kristin Miller said...

So cute!!! Have you sweat tested them yet? I find some colored fabrics show sweat in some fairly unattractive areas .... like my purple compression shorts from Gap Body ;-( Doesn't stop me from wearing them though!