Friday, February 28, 2014

Seen on Team Green: Vol 3

Vol. 3 equals adorable flats edition. 
Get excited.

I've been coveting these green owl-y beauties for far too long for them to not be residing on my feet currently. Of course now they're out of my size. Sniffles.

$35 from Modcloth here

So my favorite color is kelly green, hands down. But my second favorite color is mint green. So cutesy, and I love it. These flats would be adorable with jeans or any cute dress. I could probably wear something to match them (or in my head it'd "match") daily for a month.

$54 from Modcloth here

Keeping up with the mint theme, these would be a really cute everyday pair of work shoes for me. Sensible (minus the price tag, geez) librarian shoes AND they look cute??? Yes please.

$100 from Modcloth here

I was deprived of having a pair of saddle shoes like every other child on the planet had. Because of this, I covet almost every saddle shoe inspired flat I see. These are so cute!

$55 from Modcloth here

Now someone be sure to alert me when the price point on all of these shoes hits the $25 range. kthxbai.

**I'm not getting any money or discounts for posting any of these links, these are just cute items I wanted to share!**

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