Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Olympics

I've been obsessed with the Summer Olympics for as long as I can remember. As a little little kid I thought I was just a few years away from my own Olympic berth in gymnastics. And would spend hours and hours and HOURS cartwheeling around our giant yard "practicing." Interesting fun fact: I can't even do a round-off, thank you parents for not squelching my dreams of greatness.

When I got in to junior high I was 100% obsessed with track, so of course I was obsessed with the track and field events on the Olympics. New Olympic dream, and go!

But the Winter Olympics... I've never really been obsessive over. Perhaps it's because I hate the cold. Hmm.... I used to love watching ice skating, but again I think that was because the girls who were amazing were my age and that just seemed SO COOL to a young Jerbear.

So what am I missing? Which events do I need to DVR to get in to the Olympic spirit? Which Winter sport should be my new Olympic dream?? LOLZ.

(Awesome image from Pug Life blog, little Eloise reminds me of my Ollie!)


Renee said...

I've always loved the snowboarding and skiing, but I attribute that to my parents putting us on skis at age 3. I do agree they aren't as exciting as the summer olympics though.

Kristin Miller said...

I could copy and paste this as my own personal description of winter Olympic feelings. Give me swimming, gymnastics, track, beach volleyball and tennis over ANY winter Olympic sport ANY day! Heck I'd even take badminton and archery over winter Olympics! I also used to like skating (circa Nancy Kerrigan, Kristy Y and co.) but now it's just not exciting.