Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February in Review + Goals

February in Review

Total Miles: 80.2 up from 60.5 last month. 28 last February.
Total Time: 14:38:26 up from 11:00:48 last month. 
Total Runs: 12 runs, for an average of 6.68 miles per run. 6 runs last February.  
Highest weekly mileage: Week 8 of training, 36.1 miles. Probably why this week was 3.5 (so far). :(
Favorite run

Half marathon training run through snow, slush and ice. Helped remind me that spring is on it's way (hopefully).

Most hardcore run
Brrrr. 10 degrees and the last six were into 30mph winds. Earning all sorts of B.A. points this winter.

Favorite race: NA
Bike Miles
: 0, but I have plans to start commuting to work via bike if spring ever decides to show up (more on that later this week).
Favorite Jam:  Still the same as January, Christina Perri's Human. Does anyone have any new music recs? I've been jammin' to some old school tunes lately and it's kind of great.

February Goals

  • Hit 100 miles for the month. This should be easy peasy if I don't get lazy/injured/sick. Well, I won't say I'm injured, persay, but decided it was best to take it easy this week and spend a lot of time icing, stretching and foam rolling. 100 miles I'll get you next month!
  • 12 ab sessions. I've been trying for 3/week. I slacked on this the second half of the month. Oops.
  • Finish a classic novel. The Great Gatsby on audiobook. 
  • Have one super stellar long run. 2/2 12 miler
  • Have one speed session that makes me feel like I'm a speedy runner again.
  • Get a few pounds closer to my racing weight. 
  • Run 3 of 3 scheduled long runs. 3/3
  • Run 3 of 3 scheduled speed work sessions. 3/3
  • See one Oscar Nominated best picture movie--Captain Phillips 2/16
  • Read Printz award winning book 2014--Midwinterblood. Oops, I've had too many good books to read so far this month. Hopefully I'll get to this in March!
  • Try one new recipe. I've saved a couple of good looking recipes from Veg Times, so I'll be attempting this in March too. I have embraced ground deer meat and all the ways I can eat it, but it's not really recipe following.

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