Friday, March 21, 2014

Michelob Ultra NYC Half Marathon Goals

When I first signed up for the Michelob Ultra NYC Half Marathon, I had hoped I'd be able to run close to or under 2 hours. I haven't run under 2 hours for a half since May 2012, almost two years ago. Uff. My hopes for the race were to give me a goal time to work toward that could put me in a position to make 1:55 a possibility for my spring goal half marathon.

And I feel like I was mostly on track to do that, and then I had a horrible no good very bad long run a couple of weeks ago and it totally shook my confidence levels. I ran 14 miles and it took forever, and it was hard, and I was sore for 4 days after it. Ugh. Not the confidence boosting last long run I was looking for. :(

Luckily I ran a fairly decent 5k last weekend which has helped give me that tiny boost I need for this weekend's race. According to the McMillan race calculator, my 5k time puts me at a 2:01:48 half marathon time, and a 9:17 pace. Which sounds.... kind of doable. Right?

I think my current plan is to run in the 9:20-9:30 range for the first 8-10 miles and then push hard for the remaining 3-5 miles.

It should be perfect Jerbear running weather with a low in the high 30s and high in the high 40s.

A Goal: Sub 2 hours. 9:09 pace. Uff.

B Goal: 2:02 9:18-9:20 pace.

C Goal: Sub 2:05 9:39 pace.

All three of these goal times would put me at my 10th fastest half out of 19 half marathons.

And regardless of my time, I'll get to knock another state off my race list (and brunch it up with Susan!)!


Renee said...

Good luck! My very first half was in NYC.

Kristin Miller said...

Yea! You will have a loud and proud cheer squad ready to push you toward your goal!!!