Monday, March 31, 2014

NYC Recap Day 1

I got in to NYC Thursday night, slightly later than I had expected after a delay out of Chicago (here's my surprised face) and having to wait forever for the bus to make my way toward Susan. Once I made it to Susan's 'hood I finally accepted defeat and asked her to start walking toward me. I was starving (I had major turbulence on both flights so my stomach was upset, and I hadn't eaten since a banana and a breakfast bar, ugh) and ready to be done traveling for the day.

She took me to Shake Shack for immediate burgers and beer and all was right with the world. 10pm dinner? Why not. We caught some basketball and called it a night.

Friday was my first full day in the city and we started it at Alice's Tea Cup which is just absolutely adorable and if I have a daughter, her bedroom will likely look like this. We then were scoffed at by our table neighbors for ordering coffee instead of tea. Whatever.

After lunch we made our way to packet pickup, and some touristy stops along the way.

I was really tempted to go ice skating at the Rockefeller Center as I've always wanted to, it was gorgeous weather, and it's on my list of goals for March, but after calculating the fee and rental I decided that just watching was good enough. :)

Packet pickup was quick and I shockingly didn't find anything I needed for a 20% off discount. Susan offered to carry my bag and when we got back we realized that we didn't know who's bib was who's. I told her I wouldn't be mad if she set me a monster PR (and I would "gift" her a PW in exchange). Luckily we remembered that mine said W.S. for shirt size, and hers just said S. Crisis averted (I guess).

Empire State Building.
Then we set out for some more of our walking tour of the city (this is ill advised the day before a race, FYI).

Grand central station

And then we made our way over to Brooklyn.

Probably my favorite building: the Beekman Tower. 

They were filming something on the steps but we couldn't recognize anyone, so we're not sure what. Bummer.

And the Brooklyn Bridge!

Me and Susan! 

This is as close to the Statue of Liberty as I got. At least I chose to match her outfit.

And then it was time to find some food, so we settled on some amazing pizza in Brooklyn. We ate all of this minus to slices. Mmmmm. Pizza.

We made our way back to Susan's to watch more basketball and for me to elevate my feet against the couch, per usual. Our mileage tally for the day: 9. Uff da. Just a little more than I normally do. Haha.

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Susan said...

So much walking...hooray! Loosen up those legs!