Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Half Marathon Race Week Training Recap

Monday afternoon I did a hilly fartlek in the sun to work on my heat acclimation. I ran out of water 3.5 miles in to the run, so the last three miles really sucked. Still got it done.

Tuesday I had a crazy work schedule and didn't get in a run, and Wednesday night was my only night to spend with Kyle before he left for his fishing tourney. I should've woke up before work to run but, I obviously didn't.

Thursday I went to the track for some mile repeats. When I got to the track, it was being used for a camp. Womp. I drove to a flat part of the bike trail instead. It was about a trillion percent humidity and it was hard to breathe. I did two x mile repeats with 800 jogs in between them. I took them easier than last week's so my legs wouldn't be trashed for Sunday's race.

The 90% humidity changed to rain just as I was finishing up (poor timing, I could've used a cool off!) and we had scary storms the rest of the day. I also go to enjoy my first, second and third tornado warning while at a library with huge floor to ceiling windows. Eeeps! We spent a lot of time in the bathroom bunkered down that day.

These two pics are ones that I snapped from the library. Yes there are still electrical workers working outside during this.

Some hail my co-worker scooped up toward the end of the storm. We had way bigger ones but it was a bit too dangerous to scoop them up.

And these pictures are ones that other people snapped and posted online. This was a few miles from the library. Eeps.


And, apologies to all local runners, because you've surely seen this photo on facebook, but this was going around like crazy on Thursday with the caption "only in South Dakota do you continue to swim at the water park with a tornado touching down in the distance."

Sunday was race day. Wahoo!

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