Thursday, June 12, 2014


Sunday marked two years since I brought Ollie in to my family. I honestly don't remember what life was like before her. I wanted a pug so badly and when we met it was BFF at first sight for both of us.

I ran my half marathon and let Ollie sleep in. She worked on her rest through the late morning in anticipation of her exciting day.

We met up with Jenn J. and her yorkie at the adorable dog shop in town, and Ollie was greeted outdoors by her doppelganger.

The store has a new dog bakery counter, and Ollie was gifted a cupcake and a bandana for her special day. She bought her new friends some adorable treats to share her adoptiversary.

"Oh mom. Treats?!? For me!?!?"

Posing pretty for her treat.

Nom nom nom.

Baby girl smiling.

Ollie kept trying to sneak inside to the little pups' pillow, so Jenn was kind enough to bring it outside for the spoiled pug.

And someone was passed out before we were two minutes from the fun.

But I did manage to snag this adorable coffee mug. It was Ollie's way of saying, thanks for being my mama, I think. :)


Susan said...

Happy pugiversary!!

Kristin Miller said...

How cute!!! Happy adoptiversary