Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kansas City Weekend

We took off for Kansas City to visit Kyle's BFF and wife as soon as I was done working on Friday night. We got in way past my bedtime, so after some hellos, the girls left the besties to catch up. We woke up and headed off to Bass Pro Shop to make Kyle happy. :)

After what felt like hours there, Liz was done working, so we headed to Weston for the Brewery Tour.

It was roughly a trillion degrees out, and the tour wasn't for another hour and a half, so we checked out some of the adorable shops, and stopped for some pizza.

And beer. Obviously. 

The tour was awesome. There was so much history in the building. We toured down in the cellars and sampled our beers in an underground bar. 

After Weston we headed back to KC for IRISHFEST!! Unfortunately it was still a trillion degrees out, so I sweated like a beast.

Me and Liz waiting for the boys. The theme of the weekend.

I probably need this fountain in my everyday life. #teamgreen

I spent all of Irishfest trying to get Kyle to try on a kilt because he'd look great. Him in this dress was as close as I could get.

After Irishfest we went out for dinner and I had the greatest salmon sliders of my life. 

Sunday was spent lamenting the drive back to South Dakota. We did make our way downtown to have some amazing buffalo chicken pizza at Minsky's. YUM. We also checked out another little town outside of the city, which I'm currently blanking on. And then it was time to make the 5.5 hour drive home in severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings and threats of hail. Let's just say I was a really fun travel partner. :P

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