Friday, September 5, 2014

Sioux Falls Half Marathon Goals

Immediately following the GoFar Woman Half Marathon, I wanted redemption. And when I saw the extended forecast for the Sioux Falls Half Marathon, I thought that would be my redemption. As the week went on, and my legs took FOR-EV-ER to recover, I realized that to attempt a half redemption race, I would be shorting myself at least 4 days of quality marathon training during my peak training.

Knowing that the Sioux Falls course is a more difficult course, and much harder on my legs than Fargo was, I decided not to race it. *sob* It's smart but it's a bummer. If only Bemidji was just ONE more week away, I could swing both of them!

I still want to get a quality training run out of the day, so the current game plan is to run the first six miles at long run pace, four miles at goal marathon pace, and then race the last 5k if my legs are still feeling good.

By my calculations, this could still have me at one of my fastest half marathons for 2014!

Here's to my tenth consecutive Sioux Falls Half Marathon!

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Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Your pace goals sound great for getting a 2014 half marathon PR!