Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon Training Recap Week 11

After running the GoFar half, my legs felt terrible. As in, the worst they've ever felt after a non-marathon race. In looking at the photos my mom took of me, my form went to hell the second half of the race. I hydrated like crazy Sunday and foam rolled 2-3 times a day. Finally by Wednesday my legs were ready to go. Luckily this was a recovery week, but I hadn't planned to take four days of complete race on a month where my mileage just hasn't been where I wanted it to be.

Since I had rested so much, I jumped right into my planned run for Wednesday and ran 9 miles after work. My legs felt pretty awesome until the halfway point, and then it was just a struggle. I realized that my form was suffering majorly, so I tried to engage my glutes and the pain in my knee disappeared and my average pace dropped ~40 seconds per mile. Well ok, then.

Of course then my legs felt terrible on Thursday and Friday morning was spent packing to go out of town. One run for the week! Uff. 

I have a huge week on deck for Week 12, so my legs should be recovered and ready to rumble!

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