Friday, October 17, 2014

Houston Race Decision + Spring Race Plan

When I signed up for the Houston half marathon lottery, I was really torn about signing up for the half or the full. I was happy to see they had a transfer option for enough time after the Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon for me to determine if I needed to "OMG RUN ANOTHER MARATHON ASAP" or if I wanted to stick with the half marathon.

With some hip/knee issues cropping up toward the tail end of marathon training, the half marathon was the obvious choice. And since my number one priority for the race weekend, and trip down south is spending time with Jenn and Megan, this'll help keep me from being insane. :)

So right now the plan for the spring is to run a bunch of half marathons. Houston in January, maybe Get Lucky in March, and Brookings in May (Green Bay also in May TBD based on flight prices).

And a spring marathon?

Or a marathon in 2015 period....?

Is still under review.


Becca said...

Good decision on Houston. Give yourself some time before making any decisions about a 2015 marathon. That difficult race of yours isn't far enough in the past yet. I have to say for me, I'm fully committed to half marathons.. as you would say they are my favsies (I'm too old to use words like that)

Good luck with Houston and all your other decisions.

Becca said...

Also Get Lucky obviously. I'd give you a place to stay and run it with you if I'm able.