Monday, May 18, 2015

28 Day TransFORMation Check-In Week Two

Day 8 

Friday kicked off with being able to have caffiene again! I had a coupon for a $2 grande drink from starbucks, so I thought I'd try their coconut milk latte. It was tasty, but it wasn't until bedtime that I did some research and found that the coconut milk they use has sugar and carrageenan. So that's why I felt off all day. Noted.

I had planned to bring my own almond milk but was sucked in by the deal. Oops.

Friday I had good energy levels and didn't even mind eating two pre-packed salads, as I was at work for lunch and at teacher training for dinner.

Day 9

Saturday I woke up really early to make a big breakfast, since yoga teacher training was going longer for the day. I had my usual awesome sweet potato hash with eggs and a green smoothie, and then struggled with a monster sinus headache all day. I didn't want my lunch, so I only ate one hard boiled egg with my salad, so I was hungry soon after, and then by dinner I just wanted to go and buy something that was made for me. I was feeling lazy. I half-assed some sweet potato lettuce wrap with salsa and guacamole, but it was just... meh.

Day 10

Sunday I didn't get up early enough to make a good satisfying breakfast, but I thought I'd be okay because we only had 3.5 hours of teacher training. Well that would be true if we weren't practicing for 2.5 hours of it. I had a green smoothie and that was not enough. I got lightheaded a lot during practice.

So when I came home from training and Kyle told me that Ollie wanted to take me out for brunch, I had zero will to say no, because I was HUNGRY. We had brunch at CH Patisserie. Yum.

My stomach paid for brunch almost immediately. Sorry tummy. 

And then I was back on track in time for dinner, and finally treated Kyle to the awesome breakfast hash I've been eating almost daily, but he had mostly been out of town for. He also splurged on some new knives so it doesn't take me days to do food prep. Whoop! Kyle also tried to convince me that we needed dairy queen after dinner, but I held strong.

The work week was hard because I was scheduled to work two evening shifts at the library. Which means two packed lunches each of those days. Which means the same boring "lunch time" salad I've been having. This salad had been the highlight of my meals each day, but when I started eating it 4 times in a three day span.... blech. The greens I picked up went bad quicker than they should have so that didn't help.

I definitely can tell that I didn't have time to prep any food for the week, and I paid for it. Kyle stepped up Tuesday night, and while I was at barre class, made a paleo princess feast. He grilled burgers with a little bit of nitrate/nitrite free bacon in it, and also asparagus and green peppers. I had a very happy belly and taste buds. I ate a LOT of food for dinner, as I had ran to class, taken an hour class, and ran home, and I love that even with feeling like I'm eating a ton of food, I never have that "ugh, I'm so full I'm going to die" feeling that I usually have when eating a lot.

Breakfast hash with white sweet potatoes. yum.

Additionally, Wednesday morning I treated myself to an americano for getting up at 4am for a yoga class. And despite drinking it after having a very filling breakfast, I was a hurting unit all day. I've often wondered if coffee was a digestive trigger for me, but I had assumed it was because I was usually consuming it on an empty stomach. Sad. Luckily, lattes seem to be okay. Just not cow milk lattes for the next couple of weeks.

I took my measurements before we started, and I was interested to see where they were halfway through. We're not allowed to weigh ourselves, and currently our scale's battery is dead, so I can't (I purposefully didn't replace the battery because I knew I wouldn't be able to not weigh myself!) so taking measurements is probably prohibited, but if it helps keep me motivated, cool.

In 14 days, I have lost almost an inch off of both thighs, an inch off of my booty (and that's WITH running added in and many barre classes where we focus on the booty for a good chunk of the class!), and an inch and a half off of my waist. I'm still feeling good, energy levels are good, sleeping well, and no stomach issues (save for the day with coffee, womp). 

Kyle and I talked throughout this week about how nice it is to feel full all of the time, and how we could see ourselves eating in this manner predominantly going forward with some leniency for social events, or date nights. We'll see if I change my tune in another couple of weeks. ;)

There were a lot less pictures of meals this week because there were a lot of repeat meals. So just copy and paste days 1-7 into days 8-14 and you should be set. Hopefully the next week brings some more variety. 

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