Monday, May 4, 2015

Vegas Recap Day Three

Tuesday started out much the same as Monday did with some time by the pool. I did a 45 minute yoga flow (which totally cancelled out the fried twinkie sundae, right?) before heading down. It was much more comfortable by the pool because of the high wind gusts. 

I downloaded the Undisclosed podcast because I'm clearly ready to let go of Serial and Adnan, so this was a delight to listen to while getting some vitamin D, pool side.

Dominique and I met up for lunch and went to the Hexx Kitchen in Paris for some food. We decided to take lunch a little lighter and shared a hummus crustini and I had some amazing crab cakes. And champagne, because bubbles/vegas/etc.

On our way back, I was distracted by this adorable little pug in a shop. I somehow avoided spending $19 on a pug that barks (I HATE BARKING DOGS, WTF VEGAS!).

I headed back to the pool when I got back and wasn't there for long. The winds really picked up, to the point that I was getting debris in my eyes while wearing sunglasses, and pool staff were sprinting around the pool area chasing down flying items, including a piece of glass that blew off a table top. That was my cue to leave before I was impaled.

The dust storm was actually much worse than this photo captures. 
Before too long, Dominique was back and it was time for dinner and our last night out, already. :(

Finally a good selfie. Geez.

Since we were all sequined out, we had to take some photos to document the sparkle before we headed out. 

We went to the Palms since Dominique had an industry event there in the evening. I had never been before. Just a light breeze, huh?

We had dinner at the Simon and I ordered the martini with pop rocks on the rim, because I'm a kid.

Truffle mac and cheese? Obviously. (And obviously killed my stomach, but so worth it.)
And more sushi rolls. Mmm.

And complimentary cotton candy? Sure, why not. Have at it Dom!

My go to, cotton candy stash.

After dinner we headed up to the Ghost Bar for the event. It was a huge bummer that it was so windy because that was the whole point of the venue selection. The view was insane, but I felt really unsafe out there with the winds, so I only went out there for a minute or two.

Photo booth? Of course!

The trip was fast and furious and such a blast. Miss you already Dom!

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