Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weekly Training Recap

Before starting the 28 day TransFORMation, we were told that days 3-5 would be the hardest and our energy levels would be low and to beware. So on Monday and Tuesday when I was exhausted, I listened. I seem to have a handle on the meals and timing and portions, but throw in a workout, and I feel like crap.

So Wednesday rolled around, and I felt awesome. I slept amazing, and if it wasn't for Kyle's alarm going off at 3am (and snoozing for an hour....wtf Kyle) I would've been well rested enough to get up for early morning Ashtanga! But such is life.

I was able to head to the running store after work for a group run! I'm still the pokiest person there, but it's nice to chat with folks before and after the runs. During this training "cycle" my plan is to come to weekly group runs and run 2-3 miles at a tempo-ish pace. Clearly my body is not prepared to run in humidity, so after going out a bit too fast, I paid for it. I still managed to finish strong, but if my heart rate at the end of the run is any indication, I have some work to do on my cardio!

I did get to chat with the store folks about leading a post-run yoga flow during their weekly run, so hopefully that'll pan out in the near future!

Friday I attended the Manifestation flow that kicked off another weekend of yoga teacher training. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Lora is an amazing yoga instructor.

Saturday morning kicked off with a Chakra flow which was awesome.

Sunday we spent practice teaching, so I did 2.5 hours of sun salutations. Uff. And then later in the evening I taught a 40 minute class to Kyle to practice.

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