Monday, August 3, 2015

June + July in Review

June in Review

Total Miles: 23.1 up from 17.2 last month. Down from from 61.5 last June.

Total Time 2:45:57 up from 33 minutes last month. Ha. Last May I ran 9:57:55.

Total Runs: 5 runs, for an average of 3.44 miles per run. 

Highest weekly mileage: 11.3 miles

Favorite run: My run with Kyle on National Running Day!

Most hardcore run: 7 mile long run.

Favorite race
Harrisburg 5k

Bike Miles: None.

Yoga: 12 hours. Almost half as much time as I spent on my mat last month. :/ BUT I got a lot of teacher training observations out of the way, so it was worth it. I think.

Barre: 4 hours.

Favorite Jam: My iPod keeps dying so I've gotten used to listening to my haggard breathing on runs. I do have some amazing yoga playlists if you ever join me for a class!


July in Review

Total Miles: 18.7 down from 23.1 last month. Down from 119.6 last July.

Total Time 3:06:26 up from 2:45:57 last month.

Total Runs: 6

Highest weekly mileage: 7.9 miles :/

Favorite run: Group run at the yoga studio. First tempo run in a long time.

Most hardcore run: Same as above.

Favorite race

Bike Miles: 26.8!

Yoga: 14 hours.

Yoga Classes Taught: 2!

Barre: 6 classes.

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