Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sioux Falls Half Marathon Training Week 7

I woke up early to head to BarreAmped express before work on Wednesday morning.

And that night, I was excited for group run at 605 Running Co. because it was finally cool-ish for a Wednesday night run! Somehow, while talking, Nicole and I managed to run a pretty quick quip on some rolling hills.
And after the run, I led a 60 minute yoga class in the studio. We had a blast.

Thursday night I did a recovery run to barre class, and I was shocked to see my pace around 9:40 on the hills. When I got to class, I was reminded that it was an express class with some tabata intervals. Ugh. 

Needless to say, my run home was a lot more "recovery" paced than the way there.

Friday I was supposed to do my long run, but I was really sorry from the class the night before. So I slept in a bit and then went to the studio for a barre class. Which was done in a different format, and destroyed my muscles. Gah, these ladies are trying to kill me!
And then after barre, I stayed for a power vinyasa class. Even downward facing dog was difficult to hold, my arms were so burnt out from barre. 

Sunday was my make up long run day, and it just didn't happen. Somehow I'm still sore from the craziness of barre classes, and I'm a little nervous that'll lead to an injury attempting a ten miler. I'm hoping a rest day will do my body some good, and I can start the week ready to tackle some good miles!

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