Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sioux Falls Half Marathon Training Week 4

Tuesday morning I went to a crazy early power vinyasa class and then assisted another one immediately after.

Wednesday night I went to a special essential oils restorative class. Magic. Pure magic.

Thursday I went to my last (or so I joke, kind of) 5:30am yoga class, as it was my last one for YTT requirements. It's a great class so let's be honest, I'll be back. But not for a couple of weeks.
At lunch I assisted my last class! And then at 5:30pm I went to a power class at another studio which filled my final requirement for classes to take!! And it also allowed me to go way over my goal of water consumed in a day. What a sweaty mess.

Sunday I bought Kyle his early birthday/wedding/Xmas present and we went for a short ride. So fun. But so damn windy.
And then I finished off the week with another restorative class. Ahh.

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