Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sioux Falls Half Marathon Training Week 8 and 9

Week 8 was pretty lax in training. I had my bridal shower Tuesday night, and could not bring myself to get out of bed early any morning. I'm blaming allergies for my itchy, overly tired eyes.
Thursday night we had a horrific flash flood, and the storm was just starting after work, so I opted not to go to the yoga studio. So thankful I didn't! I would've been stranded until close to midnight at least.

And becuase of the storm, everything was dirty and still flooded on Friday so I coudln't do my long run. Excuses, man, I have lots o' em. 
I did get to the studio for a back to back barre and yoga session.
Saturday night was my bachelorette party so I was in no shape to do anything on Sunday. Does tearing up the dance floor count as cardio?? 

Week 9 was also fairly lax in training. I was fighting something, allergies maybe? All week requiring me to silence my alarm and cancel any before work workouts.

Wednesday I woke up early for BarreAmped Express.

After work, I rushed to the running store for the group run and considered skipping it altogether while waiting for yoga to start in the air conditioned store. It was so miserable out. But I went out.

I only let myself go two miles, and I did have a small walk break around mile 1.5 when I found myself in zero shade and cooking. Woof.

And then we had yoga after class! What a fun night.

Sunday I went to the barre for breakfast.

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