Monday, October 26, 2015

Honeymoon: Door County

Tuesday morning it was time to say goodbye to Green Bay, and to make our way up north to Door County for our last night of our honeymoon. A PSL was necessary.
When the lighting is good, your hair is great, and Kyle is loading up the truck, you take a selfie, duh.

Whenever Kyle goes fishing with his brother up north, he always stops here to pick me up my beloved cheese. We spent too much time and too much money here, for sure.
We may it to Sturgeon Bay, and Kyle and I found an adorable farm to table type restaurant to enjoy for a late lunch. Throughout our trip, I was shocked to see so many vegetarian and vegan options at restaurants. We don't see that nearly as much in Sioux Falls.

my husband <3
I had a beer (duh). This was one of the brewery's I had planned to stop at on the way up to Green Bay but we ran out of time. It was delish. I also had an awesome veggie black bean burger and a butternut squash soup, because I was *GASP* somewhat cheese and fried food-ed out (but not beer'd out, NEVER!) #balance or something.
We had some time before we could check in, so we checked out the cute little tourist shops around town. I almost bought this sign for Kyle. :) So many antique shops, I'm surprised I didn't come home with the back of Kyle's truck filled up with junk.

For dinner, we went further up north to the town that Kyle camps and fishes at every year for his birthday. I found a restaurant that was opened by a couple who honeymooned in Door County over 32 years ago and fell in love with the place. Awww love. It was our last night so we had amazing dinners. 

I apparently only photographed my beer. I could've never made it as a food blogger. Let's just say there were scallops which are my faaaaaavorite.
On our way out, I picked up this little card to frame to remind us of our honeymoon. I really hope we can make our way back there to celebrate our anniversary each year. I could've spent forever up there, and we had half a day. :(

Wednesday morning we grabbed a quick carb filled breakfast before hitting the road on our long drive home. 

Awesome bike artwork on the wall.

Kyle stopped for gas across from a dog store/bakery, so I had to buy Ollie some treats.
On the way home, it was operation buy-all-the-Wisconsin-beer. I picked up $40 worth at the first gas station we stopped at. I bought so much that I got a free pint glass with my purchase. Then on another bathroom stop, I picked up more..... 

Let's just say that my fridge is 75% delicious Wisconsin beer. And no I won't share. 
When can we go back and do it again?!?!?

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