Monday, October 19, 2015

Honeymoon: MNF Packers Game

At around 4pm, I couldn't wait any longer, so we got a cab from our hotel to the stadium. One of Kyle's old co-workers is a huge Packers fan and was already tailgating, so we met up with them. I was so excited to bust out one of my purchases to cover my beer.
And a necessary selfie to show off my new hat (with rain in the forecast it was a necessary purchase (or so i tell myself).
For a non-Packers fan, he sure looks like he's having a good time. AND he's even wearing green!
Packers colors are green, gold, hunter orange, and on occasion: rain gear. Glad we snagged ponchos for a buck before we head over. It rained on and off throughout tailgating, but clearly I didn't care. At one point I uttered, "I'!" to Kyle and almost exploded on the spot.
I wasn't quite to their level of busting out dance moves, but good for them.

And when it was finally time to make our way in, the skies just opened up. 
Like a little kid on Christmas morning over here.
Go Pack Go!
Surely not the best photo of the newlyweds, but it's the only one we got in the stadium, so it'll have to do.
Best. Honeymoon. Ever.

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Susan said...

Glad you enjoyed the Honeymoon - even if it was for the "other" team..... ;)