Monday, October 5, 2015

Megan's Visit

The last few months I have been counting down to wedding day, but I've ALSO been counting down for Megan's arrival back to the states! I went to college with Megan, and we were connected at the hip senior year. She has spent most of our friendship living abroad in Asia, so I was thrilled for her to come back to be in my wedding.

We shared some sushi and sake shortly after I got off work and she arrived. Oddly enough, she introduced me to sushi for the first time 10 years ago, and I wasn't sold on it. lolz.


Wednesday I had a to-do list a mile and a half long, and Megan was a serious calming force as we tackled it all, one item at a time. As a reward for finishing our list, we treated ourselves to mani/pedis.

Shellac polish removal process is most chic.

Thursday we made a quick pit stop for some new lipstick. We decided it was appropriate to try to recreate our snobby/bitchy photo from 2007.

I need this. obvs.

We met up with Kyle for lunch at Ode. Ode is my new obsession. So good. From there, we went to pick up our marriage license!

I need this giant octopus print on my wall. And this girl to live on this side of the planet.

For dinner, Megan was thrilled to show me some authentic Cambodian food. Who knew there was Cambodian food in town? A couple of the dishes were amazing, and some others, less than authentic (Megan's words, not mine).

Thursday night, we went out to Kyle's parents house to spend some time with his brother who had gotten to town. I needed a quick tent exploration. Eeps!

Friday morning, after yoga-ing it up. We went out for a bridal brunch. So much delish.

Who looks that pretty after working out? Ugh.

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