Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekly Training Recap

Tuesday I woke up at insanely-early-o'clock to attend an ashtanga class by Zoe Ward. It was 90 minutes of sweating my hiney off and contorting my body into positions I've never imagined. Like whoa.

Wednesday was group run and yoga day. Jenn ran with me for an easy 2 miles. I got to hear her abbreviated report on the Twin Cities Marathon. I only went two because I was having some out of the normal hamstring tightness and wonky knee weirdness. After the run I stretched, and then it was time for yoga!

This was my first class teaching in four weeks, since I was off while on my honeymoon. I missed my yogis, and we had a fun flow together! My hammies felt much better when I walked out of the running store.

Thursday morning I was back up and at em for more yoga, this time mysore style ashtanga. It was further proof that I'm terrible at memorizing the ashtanga sequence, and that I am just a baby in my ashtanga practice. Uff. That's why it's a practice, eh?

night I enjoyed a magical hour of restorative yoga. Magic, I swear.

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