Friday, December 2, 2016


I jumped on the podcast train back when Serial first came out. Last fall, when I first started having a "commute" to work for the first time ever, I expanded my podcast repertoire even more (in addition to all the audiobooks).

Here are some of my favorites:

Pop Culture Happy Hour--A weekly podcast about music, movie, television news done by NPR. I've found so many pop culture gems to consume because of this show!

Bitch Sesh--For my bravo-obsessives, this is the podcast for you. Casey Wilson (of Happy Endings fame, RIP Happy Endings) and Danielle Schneider lead us through weekly episodes of all things Real Housewife related. Trashy tv at its finest.

Flash Forward--The writers imagine a future with or without __________ and then takes us through what that future looks like. Always thought provoking!

Science Vs--Each episode tackles a piece of science and works to sift through whether it's fact, fiction, or somewhere in between. I always learn something new, but it's an entertaining listen as well!

In the Dark--For anyone obsessed with the Jacob Wetterling disappearance, this podcast takes us through the case and possible short-comings of the initial investigation.

Up and Vanished--My current fave. A story uncovering the disappearance of a school teacher that has been unsolved for ten years. When I discovered it, I binge listened to the six episodes I missed.

What have I missed???

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Kathy said...

I'm pretty classic in my podcast tastes: Radiolab and This American Life are my favorite. I get so sucked in to the stories! Do yourself a favor and find the American Football episode of Radiolab. Addicting. I also like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, particularly for road trips. Thanks for the suggestions!