Thursday, June 1, 2017

May in Review

Total Miles: 70.7 down from 104.9 miles last month. 60.6 miles last May.

Planned Miles: 67 miles. I only calculated through the Brookings half.

Total Time:  
12:07:08 down from 18:58:53 last month. I've easily done six hours of yoga or cycling to make up the time difference!

Total Runs: 14 for an average of 5.05 miles/run.

Highest weekly mileage: 28.7 miles the first week in May. 4:49:16 10:06/mi pace

Favorite run: Last long run of the cycle with Toni, where we divulged our top secret race goals for each other during the run and they were secretly spot on with our own super secret race goal times. Ha.

Most hardcore run: Yoga-track-athalon. We did our ladder workout on the track after doing warm up miles and yoga. It felt awesome. I was worried about the paces and the intervals, and we killed them.

Favorite RaceBrookings Half Marathon Fastest time in 3 years! Wahoo. And 11 minutes faster than last year's race (in 20 degrees warmer). I'll take that progress.

Bike Miles: I haven't taken my road bike out yet, but I have gone to two 45 minute cycling class at the new yoga and cycling studio. I so wish it would tell me how far we went during class. It kills me!

Favorite Jam: None. 

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