Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 Goals Check In

  • Run 1000 miles. 1100+ YAYZIES! This is legit the goal I'm most proud of.
  • Run a Sub 2:05 half. YAY! finally. First time since 2014!

  • Run a Sub 2 hour half. Not this year, although I did frantically search for a midwest half in late November/early December. Spoiler alert: there are none.
  • Run a sub 25 minute 5k (I'd take under the 8:02 pace if the course is short, I'll probably do the summer Parks and Rec 5ks again, and they are always short!). YES! Sub 8 pace for a short course 5k on 10/9/17! And a sub 25 5k for the Trick or Treat race!

  • Rescue another pug. Sniffle sniffle. Nope.
  • Read 175 books.
  • Eat breakfast more. YES!
  • Cycle 500 miles. Oh, no no no, not even close.

  • Find an additional yoga teacher opportunity and partnership that I'm excited about. YES! I started doing a run and flow at a new yoga studio in town. I can't wait for the weather to be nice again to start it back up!
  • Handstand! Progress not perfection.
  • 30 day sadhana. I may have forgotten that this was even a goal. Oops.
  • Minimalist Challenge. YES! I purged so much stuff, giving away, throwing away, and selling.

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