Wednesday, January 3, 2018

December in Review

December in Review

Total Miles:  116.3 miles up from 102.53 miles last month. 27.3 miles last December.

Total Time:  19:40:41 up from 16:53:25

Total Runs: 19 runs, for an average of 6.12 miles a run.

Highest weekly mileage: 
12/18/2017 – 12/24/2017:37.3 mi6:09:419:55 / mi

Most hardcore run: 13.1 miles in -2 degrees, snow and ice and still running faster than all of my 2016 half marathons, and some of my 2017 marathons. Wahoooo!!!

Favorite run: Both of my 12 milers with Toni were stellar. The miles flew by, we sped up the second half without trying or realizing we were doing it, and I ended both runs thinking, "I could run for another hour or so!" For a self-proclaimed long run hater, that was pretty major!

Favorite Race: No races in December. What a boring month! Hah. After ALLLLL the races in October/November, it was probably ok to not race this month. But had there been one that worked with my schedule, I totally would've, no worries.

Favorite Jam: I downloaded T Swift's new album when I had to do a solo 8 mile, and when I replaced my iPod playlist, I didn't realize that all the music I replaced is still on my old MacBook. So that's all I have at the moment. Oops.

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