Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Twin Cities Marathon Training Week 6

Monday Planned: GA 7 Miles
Monday Actual: GA 7 Hilly Miles. I let Chris plan another hilly route to maximize some hill training for TCM. The miles flew by.

Tuesday Planned: Rest
Tuesday Actual: Rest

Wednesday Planned VO2 Max 8 miles 5x800 @ 5k
Wednesday Actual: 3 miles at 605 Group Run + 5 Miles with 5x800 @ 5k after yoga and group run.

Thursday Planned Rest
Thursday Actual: Since I skipped POWER Wednesday morning so I could do my workout in the evening, I opted to head to Thursday night evening POWER to make up the session. Perfect attendance this session still.

Friday Planned: Recovery 5 miles
Friday Actual: 4 recovery miles with Melissa at the coffee run, and a puddle of sweat left behind after. Gross.

Saturday Planned: Med-long 15 Miles hilly
Saturday Actual: Med-Long 15 Miles. I didn't get in the hilly portions of this run, as it had to be postponed until after yoga and it was H-O-T and humid. I knew the long miles + heat + hills would be too much.

Sunday Planned: Rest
Sunday Actual: 3rd Annual Tea Ice Cream run. Two recovery miles, ran to the ice cream run and a short loop once I was there.

Total Mileage Planned: 35 miles
Total Mileage Actual:  36.18 miles

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